Minuteman's Vision

Minuteman seeks to foster renewable energy development in New England. Use of fossil fuels has detrimental effects on our health, climate, economy and security. New England will become ever more dependent on fossil fuels unless it increases its use of renewable energy. Minuteman's vision is that of energy independence and responsible environmental management.

Minuteman Wind recognizes that development of wind powered electric generation in New England is especially challenging. Minuteman is focusing on wind power since wind energy is currently the most economic renewable energy resource. Wind projects, however, utilize significant amounts of land and creates significant new man-made structures which present potentially sensitive issues in new England. Land use in New England, perhaps uniquely in the US, consists of a number of intensively developed urban areas, extensive scenic areas which support a large recreation economy, and a number of environmentally sensitive conservation areas. New England lacks large areas of agricultural land where wind energy has been most successfully developed to date in the United States.

Minuteman Wind believes that renewable energy development in New England needs to focus on small projects which are compatible with both existing development and the landscape in New England. Such projects also will reinforce the existing electric transmission and distribution networks rather than require new transmission lines. Such projects will also provide opportunities for economic development and growth in New England.



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